Our ToLike.Us service is really gaining traction, with lots of new customers every week getting ahead with this great system.  YOU can get on board and benefit starting tomorrow!

Any business can expand on the back of this – we have Solicitors, Gift Shops, Artists, Home Decor shops, Real Estate Agents, Pizza Parlours, lots more, but most especially RESTAURANTS.

This takes advantage of the tremendous power and viral advantage of genuine “Likes” on Facebook.  Someone “Likes” your Facebook presence, and all their online friends find out about you.  This concept marries with the huge smartphone take-up in Australia (over 60% now) to bring you more business, and keep yourself in front of existing customers as well.  (Smartphone is not needed, but it makes it go very fast)

As always, we supply all the technical backend magic to make it work.  Also Point of Sale materials and Scancards for your wallet/purse as well.

And at $4/week, it’s surprisingly affordable!  (How much is one new customer worth to you in a year? Do the math – this is a gangbusters ROI.)

Check ToLike.Us out for yourself by clicking here.

Mr Fair Go