We all have one thing on our minds…
One question you ask yourself all day long.  Do you know it?
Every time you:

  • See a friend
  • Read the news
  • Check Facebook
  • Look at your phone

…and others ask you the same question, too.

It’s one of the main reasons new customers come in and old customers come back.
Fair warning, this “earth-shattering question” may surprise you:

“So, what’s new?”

Think about it.
We’re all curious people.
Try to go just one day without hearing those words!
And there’s a good reason.
Doctors constantly slap the term “A.D.D.” onto children, but make no mistake:

We all have it.

I can teach you how to be popular in one sentence:

Always have a new answer for that same old question!

But what do you hear instead:
“Oh, nothin’ much.”

Your business is not immune.

Do your customers think about you?
Or just when they really need you?

There’s a saying in the PR field: “Get in front of the story.”
(Because if you’re not creating the news… your competition is…)

There’s a reason successful companies like Dunlop spend thousands just to print their logo on a blimp.
Someone who sees it will need tyres this week, and Beaurepaires already sent them an offer!

The more your customers think about you, the more money you will earn…
It really is that simple.

Now you may be thinking,
“Hey I’m just a [lawyer / dentist / chiropractor], I can’t roll out a new product every month. What would I even have to say?”

But don’t worry about that just yet. It’s so easy you’ll laugh at the thought of running out of news.
And once this idea sinks in, you’ll be amazed at how much business it generates…

Attention is the most valuable resource.
Why do so many billionaires own newspaper companies?
(The New York Times even ran a story in 2013 titled “Newspapers are Billionaires’ Latest Trophies.”)

You know the answer already…
If a business succeeds, it’s because of two things:

  1. Attention
  2. Repetition

It’s no accident that Apple (the most valuable business in the world) schedules new product releases so far in advance…
It’s a massive media event!
Their stock price depends on it!
Can you imagine if Apple released a new iPhone without saying anything?

Yet truthfully,

Most small business owners don’t even have an E-mail list, let alone a schedule for announcing news.

(And while we’re at it, 80% of new businesses fail in their first 5 years…)

Now why is this so important?

Here’s the bottom line:
The easiest way to reach your customers… without annoying them… is by announcing something, anything, new.

Nobody gets tired of news.
It’s always different.

It’s the perfect excuse to grab your customers’ attention, without looking like you’re trying to.

…And your best customers will actually thank you!

Answer honestly: Which business would you go to, A or B?

A.   One that improves something every single month?
B.  ..Or their competitor, who hasn’t updated a single thing in 10 years?

I heard an amazing quote recently:
“Success comes from doing all the simple stuff that everyone knows they should do, but nobody actually does.”

Now here’s the thing…

Don’t you dare go hiring some expensive publicist.

I’m about to show you how to get all this attention for your business without some crazy price tag.

But first, please allow me to introduce myself.

(Duh!, I almost forgot.)

Mr Fair Go

I don’t believe it.  I just stepped outside my office and took my very first “selfie!”  At least the Coral Sea in the background is nice.  LOL!  (In case you’re wondering, the image at the top of the page was also taken today, from our verandah.  Every morning here is magical, but some more than others.)

My name is Lance Hunt and I’m a marketing expert living the life in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.

I’ve been involved in online marketing since I built my first website back in 1996, with a text editor and Netscape 1.  🙂   That was for our own manufacturing business, and we started getting orders from all over the world, which initially was a bit of a surprise.  Then someone asked me if I could do this for them, and so my first international client came along 1n 1997.   Since then I have helped hundreds of companies to succeed with online and offline marketing.

And if you don’t mind, I’d like to show you my #1 favorite method for quickly boosting the sales of almost any business.
I just know it’ll work for yours.

I call it the “Bulletproof Local News System.”

(A high-and-mighty name for a very simple tactic that really rings the cash register.)

Here’s the whole idea:

Step 1. Announce something (anything, really) that gets your business featured in the paper.
Step 2. E-mail your customer list about the announcement, and include a link to the news story. Sound excited! You look good!
Step 3 (optional). To celebrate all this cool stuff, offer a this-week-only discount or giveaway if they show up with E-mail in hand.
Step 4. Profit from new and old customers alike.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

”Hey, that sounds great except it’s not easy to get into the newspaper!”

And generally speaking, that’s true…
Unless we’re talking about a press release.
Did you know that any business can submit a simple press release and get featured immediately on the websites of 200+ major news outfits?

I actually do this every week.

I’m talking legitimate news stations, too.  USA ones like: : ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS. And AU ones like: SBS, NINE, SEVEN, SkyNews, and also newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Miami Herald and Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Courier Mail.

But before you go off thinking this is some “too good to be true” scam…

Google loves ‘em, too.

On March 12, 2015, Adweek featured a story titled:
“Big News: Google Loves Press Releases Now”

They actually rank in the news section of Google… and fast. The same day they’re published!
They show up everywhere when people search your business!

This is the best type of reputation-builder.
Even in Bing.  (They even rank for competitive keywords!)

I’ve been using these to win new customers for years. We could build that into your marketing strategy, too.

“As seen on…”

I still haven’t mentioned my favourite thing about press releases.

Once you’re featured on these powerful websites, you hold the right to mention it in all of your marketing materials (especially your website)!

Now customers associate your business with big, trusted organizations.
…So they trust you, too.

And there’s a snowball effect.

This leads to more good news:

  • Advertising dollars go further
  • Potential customers are more likely to buy
  • Increased referrals
  • Better business deals

There’s no downside!

This is the same reason so many companies feature major clients right on their homepages.

Positive associations work.

Even if you only submit one press release, those logos are yours forever.

My 7-step system (no work required).

You’re busy.

I know it, because all my clients are busy.

That’s why I’d never expect you to want to go writing a press release on your own.

In fact, I wouldn’t write one myself either… I use a professional who writes them better than I ever could.

Your only job is to review the release and make sure you love it.

…And remember when I said you don’t have to come up with a news story yourself?

It’s true.

In fact, I have a 7-step system for this whole process.

Here’s how it works (with your approval, of course):

  1. You and I will do a quick phone call to discuss your business and whether you have anything newsworthy going on already. (You’d be surprised.)
  2. We’ll consult my foolproof file of “news events” that work for almost any business.
  3. Together, we’ll agree on the main idea behind your announcement.
  4. I’ll gather your contact info and forward the details to my professional news writer, who’ll craft a beautiful news story.
  5. I’ll show you the story, so you have a chance to read and approve it. (We can edit whatever you like before submitting. You keep complete control.)
  6. I’ll submit the release (and if you like, I’d be happy to run the “Bulletproof Local News System” to your customers).
  7. You win new business 😀

I wish everything were this easy…

“I’m interested. What is this actually worth?”

Important question.

You and I both know that the alternative (hiring a publicist) easily runs $5,000+ per month.

Even a “discount” publicist, cutting every corner in the book, couldn’t do their job for less than $1,000/mo…

Same goes for any marketing agency worth their salt…

But I’m not going to try to lock you into some crazy contract.

(In fact, I’m going to do the opposite… more on that in a second.)

Even if you went directly to a press service and did everything yourself, top-tier distribution like this costs $1,500+ for a single press release.

And believe me, it’s worth it!

Remember, you’re getting featured in nationally recognized news stations like CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, SEVEN, NIME, SkyNews, SBS and more…

But I have an ongoing relationship with an excellent news distributor that allows me to offer you a significantly better price than you could find anywhere else.

No “gotchas,” no long-term contracts, just one fantastic deal.

My selfish intentions

Now, I’ll be completely honest with you…

I do have my own purely selfish intentions in writing this post.

At some point, I would love to help with your marketing on a larger scale.

I truly cherish the sweet sound of your cash registers ringing.

It’s my passion, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having one less thing to worry about so you could finally focus on the rest of your business.

In fact, I could pitch you on my full marketing services today…

But I won’t.

We just met, and I pride myself on being a giver, not a taker.

Today, all I ask is this:

Give me one chance to prove that my press system works.  (NO strings attached.)

In fact, I wouldn’t even mind if you ordered just one press release, made a ton of sales, kept using those press logos in all your marketing for the rest of your life and we parted ways as friends.

I’m just not a pressure salesman (not even close).

But I do think there’s a good chance you’ll want this special offer either way…

Because now that you’ve made it this far down my post, I feel like I owe you a pretty darn irresistible deal.

So here it is…

Special offer, while I have the time only

(and not false scarcity, I really don’t have time to do many of these):

My normal price for a press release is AUD 1,300 (USD 1,000.)

Now, that’s more than a fair price.

It’s worth even more than that… in fact, I use press releases as a “loss leader,” an item I’d be willing to lose money on in order to attract new business.

Same reason Woolies always has the best prices on health & beauty products… to get you in their store, so you buy other stuff.

But that’s not the price you’ll pay for a press release today.

I want to get you making more sales ASAP… and that means I need your order within a week!

So, to provide a strong incentive, if you purchase now, I’ll knock 50% off the price of your first release.

No contracts, no obligations.

Just AUD 650 (USD 500)…

But that’s not all you’ll receive:

Expert consultation included.

As discussed in the “7-step system” above, I’ll be giving you a call to gather basic info and plan your first release.

Since we’ll already be on the phone, why not make it count?

My standard fee for consulting work is $125/hr, but since I reached out to you today, I’d be happy to throw in an optional, free 30-minute marketing consultation.

And as nice as that may sound, there’s still one more thing.

I take all the risk.

Here’s my promise to you:

If we run the Bulletproof Local News System, I guarantee you will bring in new sales (or I’ll give 100% of your money back).

Call me crazy…

But I stand firmly behind this system. If you don’t make any sales due to this, your press release is free.

I call them my #1 “secret weapon” for local marketing, and I can’t wait for you to see why.

Click here to take advantage of this (expiring) discount:

Claim My Discounted Release

Rest assured, you won’t regret it.


Lance Hunt (a.k.a. Mr Fair Go)

Online & Local Marketing Expert

P.S. In the beginning, I promised this info could double your business.

I believe it can.

Obviously, marketing requires a continued, monthly effort.. not just one single promotion…

But in my experience as a local marketing expert, the biggest mistake owners consistently make is to ignore their customers.

Not actively telling them “what’s new” on a monthly basis.
Not giving them a compelling reason to walk through the door.

Remember this quote?
“Success comes from doing all the simple stuff that everyone knows they should do, but nobody actually does.”

Well, announcing “what’s new” is the simple stuff.

It doesn’t have to be hard work (Man, I’ll even do it for you.)

But you do have to take the proper action by clicking the button above to get the ball rolling.

Simple stuff.

P.P.S. Remember, you’re getting 50% off your first press release and a 30-minute marketing consultation (a $1800 value) for only AUD 650 (USD 500)…

If it doesn’t make you any sales, it’s free!

But this offer will expire.  Even if this post is still here, I will reserve the right to tell you it’s just not available any more if I am too busy with full-price clients.

Don’t miss out and regret it later.

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