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Fair Go Communications – with “Mr Fair Go” at the helm – enjoyed two decades helping customers with their internet and telco needs.
Now Fair Go Communications is no more.
Contact details for the previous owners remain the same.

Marketing with Facebook

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Forget trying to cajole people into visiting your Facebook page so you can sell them something.  Too slow, too hit-and-miss and too expensive.  Way better to go out and get your people – exactly the ones you want – for cents per click…

The amazing changes at Facebook lately have opened up a world of […]

Answer this ONE question and DOUBLE your business

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We all have one thing on our minds…
One question you ask yourself all day long.  Do you know it?
Every time you:

See a friend
Read the news
Check Facebook
Look at your phone

…and others ask you the same question, too.

It’s one of the main reasons new customers come in and old customers come back.
Fair warning, this “earth-shattering question” […]

An Avalanche of genuine Likes

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ToLike.Us in action Our ToLike.Us service is really gaining traction, with lots of new customers every week getting ahead with this great system. YOU can get on board and benefit starting tomorrow! Any business can expand on the back of this - we have Solicitors, Gift Shops, Artists, Home Decor shops, Real Estate Agents, Pizza Parlours, lots more, but most especially RESTAURANTS.

Mobile Device Websites

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Hello to all,

Today I’d like to feature for you our SMALL DEVICE WEBSITE CREATION services.  That is, building websites that look great and work intuitively and fast on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile internet is now the fastest growing platform for online business and marketing. In 2011 Smartphones outsold PCs, a full two years earlier than predicted.  From April 2012 to June 2012, 419 Million mobile phones were sold… 344 Million were smartphones (82.2%)  Over half of ALL internet searches are now performed by people using a mobile phone.  And that’s just phones…. tablets are even better for business.  Nearly 3 million Australians already own a tablet, with a 33% annual growth rate.  A very recent report reveals that Tablet visitors spent over 50% more per purchase and were three times more likely to purchase than smartphone visitors.