Domain security is important!

Domain security is important!

Clearly, your website needs its own domain. (

This is something you can do yourself (what isn’t?) but why bother frustrating yourself with the arcane processes of registrars when we do it faster and probably cheaper than you can find it elsewhere.

Speaking of “cheap” though, beware! You want to be able to have the DNS changed and redirected if needed, and the domain to be securely in your control. NOT to be hijacked by some unscrupulous “domain kidnapper” who holds your company to ransom to get your domain back.

As a domain reseller for over a decade we are quite used to the intricacies of registrars and their “rules”, and can manage the whole process on your behalf. We specialise in dot-AU domains, although we can register and manage any domain that you are entitled to have, including the tricky dot-org-au and dot-gov-au domains. If you’ve had a domain for some time, you are aware how confusing it is that heaps of quasi-official (and outrageously priced!) “renewals” appear in your mailbox and email box. Relax, knowing all your domains are being handled and renewed efficiently and correctly by Fair Go Com.

Not only will we register/renew/transfer it for you,we can also PARK your domain on one of our servers, or REDIRECT your domain to anywhere else you request.

Enquire now: Use the Contact form at right or ring 1300 666 247 (toll-free in Australia)

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