30-day No-Risk Guarantee Unconditional* 30-day money back guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with your Fair Go Communications service or for any reason, just request a refund from [email protected] by the 30th day from your setup day.

If you have paid by Credit Card the refund would be by a credit to your card of the same amount of Australian Dollars that Fair Go Communications had received.

* Yeah, “unconditional” means just that. Life is too short to fall out over a few bucks. If you’re unhappy just ask us, and we’ll give it back. I heard someone say recently that “The headline giveth, and the fine print taketh away.” Amusing, but it’s not us. That “pay by card, refund to card” thing is actually part of our merchant agreement with Westpac, so we have to do it that way.

Mr Fair Go

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