Forget trying to cajole people into visiting your Facebook page so you can sell them something.  Too slow, too hit-and-miss and too expensive.  Way better to go out and get your people – exactly the ones you want – for cents per click…

The amazing changes at Facebook lately have opened up a world of opportunity.

Now we can target prospective customers for you for a very small ad spend (say $5/day) and get a fantastic ROI.  And when we say “target” we mean LASER!  Facebook now has targeting based not just on the usual age, gender, interests, location, etc. but also on website-visited history!

And here’s a tip:  YouTube and Instagram are also fantastic for targeting and retargeting!

The secret is in how the ad campaign is created. The setup in the Facebook Power Editor is quite complex, and there are a lot of hidden settings that need to be just right.   There are a myriad types of targeting and it’s quite confusing for the uninitiated.  The “creative” (images and video and copy) need to be harmonious with your destination website or landing page.

Don’t worry about all that tech stuff though – it’s what we do (and according to existing customers, do very well)

Use our form at right or give us a call to discuss your new campaign – often we can have it going and getting you enquiries and sales within a day.