Hello to all,

Today I’d like to feature for you our SMALL DEVICE WEBSITE CREATION services.  That is, building websites that look great and work intuitively and fast on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile internet is now the fastest growing platform for online business and marketing. In 2011 Smartphones outsold PCs, a full two years earlier than predicted.  From April 2012 to June 2012, 419 Million mobile phones were sold… 344 Million were smartphones (82.2%)  Over half of ALL internet searches are now performed by people using a mobile phone.  And that’s just phones…. tablets are even better for business.  Nearly 3 million Australians already own a tablet, with a 33% annual growth rate.  A very recent report reveals that Tablet visitors spent over 50% more per purchase and were three times more likely to purchase than smartphone visitors.

85% of Mobile users seek LOCAL information, on their smartphone or tablet.   A study by Prosper Mobile Insights confirmed nearly 31 percent of tablet users compared prices on their devices prior to purchasing at a physical store.  Only 9% of Australian businesses currently have a mobile-optimised site.  What will a mobile user see when they visit YOUR website?

According to Google, 61% of mobile users leave because the website is
* Too cumbersome
* Hard to read
* Hard to navigate

It doesn’t HAVE to be that way!  Here is your answer…

We create stunning mobile sites…

* Matching your current site’s theme, logo, header, footer, background images
* Intuitive, Multi-level menus
* Automatic screen resizing
* Interactive maps
* Route directions
* QR codes
* Forms
* Lead capture
* Click-to-Call buttons
* Expandable menus and content blocks
* Embedded video (and YouTube integration if needed)
* Image Galleries and Slideshows
* Auto-expiring coupon pages (perfect for retailers, restaurants, etc)
* Social media integration, including Facebook “Like” button
* Fast loading
* Updateable

* NEWSFLASH! We can turn your entire mobile website into a Mobile App (iPhone, Android).  Imagine, your clients have your icon right there on their home screen every time they look at their phone/tablet!  Who are they going to call when they want a service/product you supply? Click the video thumbnail to the left to enjoy our short presentation on YOUR new App.

Not convinced?  See some demo sites and how they look – click here!.

STOP the leaking of your customers RIGHT NOW!

Call 1300 666 247 and leave a message that you’d like “Mr Fair Go” personally to phone you to discuss your new mobile website. Or use the form at the top-right of this page. We can set it up for you within days!

Until next time.

Mr Fair Go

p.s. We have an entire website dedicated to our mobile services.