Lots of weasel clauses? No Way!

Lots of weasel clauses? No Way!

Fair Go Communications Pty Ltd
ABN 43 119 200 725

You know, we used to have a very long document here, that tried to cover everything the lawyers could think of, couched in legalese that even we had a hard time in following! (Sadly, for telecommunications services we are still legally required to have that document)

So, getting down to it, here’s the real story: Our name says it all. We give you a fair go, trying hard to give you good service at a fair price, and we expect to get a fair go too. Indeed we’ve found over the years that in general our clients don’t abuse what we provide.

One thing we ask is a bit of notice if you are altering a service. We used to have a strict “30 days notice” policy, but we’ve modified it a bit in your favour. e.g. If you want something cancelled, let us know by the 20th at the latest, and we’ll be able to get it cancelled by the end of the current month so you only pay to the end of that month. Most of our services are billed in arrears. That means if you cancel early in a month you will have the service to the end of the month, and will still pay for that full month’s service (usually on the invoice you receive after the beginning of the following month).

A few services we supply as third-party services, and therefore we are less flexible because we can’t give pro-rata for something we have to pay a complete month for. If you set up one of these near the end of a month we have to pass on a complete month’s bill to you. Just ask our representative at the time, and it can be explained in detail for the service you are start/stopping/ or up/downgrading. Then you can make an informed decision about exactly when you want the changes to take effect.

Something we’ve noticed is that people have often had a hard time previously with other suppliers, and they’ve come to expect a big argument and the old game of “blame-the-customer” every time something goes wrong. We’re not like that. If there’s any problem, please don’t come in with all guns blazing… ring 1300 666 247 and leave a polite message. It will be seen by our support and accounts staff, but your message will also appear on the mobile phone of the company’s director, Mr Fair Go himself (that’s me). Now I don’t want you grumbling to your friends about us, I’d like to have a shot at keeping you happy first. smilehat

I can’t promise to always get back to you right away, (I might be teaching, in a session with another client, or even at the beach) but I will get back to you, and we will work it out together. Fair enough?

That goes for problems with our staff too – we don’t have many – it’s become a little family really – but if any of us are not doing the job, I want to know, OK?

Sometimes your problem might be with money. Maybe you’ve fallen on hard times and can’t pay for your services as usual. Again, don’t be embarrassed to ask for Mr Fair Go to ring you back, and we will work it out together. I reckon we can come to some reasonable arrangement that we both can live with. I will tell our accounts guy/gal what agreement we’ve come to, and then we can all move forward. (That’s what they call a “Financial Hardship Policy” ‘coz nowadays we gotta have one written, even though we have always operated this way)

Cheers as always

Mr Fair Go

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